Project Management

Topics: Project management, Management, Construction Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Woody 2000 Project Comparative Analysis

The following Table is a comparative analysis of the original project management processes to the new proposed Project Management Plan. Preconstruction Phase
The financial Performa and cash flow was not prepared as a tool to be used during the entire duration of the project. The accounting was performed with the operational bookkeeping and not as a separate accounting system.A concise and detailed Performa will be completed and the cash flow will be an intricate part of the construction process. A separate chart of accounts will be maintained in order to track expenses on a real time basis. An inexperienced owners representative was selected who was not aware of the project management processes to be followed. There was not a defined PMLC model designated for the project.We would recommend an experienced owners representative be selected who is familiar with construction practices. We are proposing the Adaptive Project Framework of the Adaptive PMLC model. There was not a defined design development process that included strategic planning sessions. The project programming was done in an unorganized fashion.We propose to complete a concise design development process that includes a system for documenting needs using strategic planning and departmental focus groups. The contractor was selected without undergoing a competitive bidding process. The contract was cost plus with an open end with no defined completion dates.We propose a complete contractor selection process that is with prequalified competitive bids. The contract would be based on a cost plus with a guaranteed maximum price. There was a lack of communication between all parties causing the building design to be constructed 5 feet short to allow for the production train.We propose a communications plan that has standards and procedures for communicating needs, making decisions, and communicating information to all necessary parties. A...
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