Project Management 1402

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Part 1 Homework (Chapters 1-4) [100 points]

Instructions: Answer the questions provided below. Please save your answers in a either a MS Word document (.doc) or rich text file (.rtf) format. Please name your file “HW1-Your Name” Then upload and submit your file into WebCT through the assignment tool.Note: All questions are worth 5 points each.|

1.Project Basics
a.Define the word project, and list some key attributes.
A project is defined as a temporary endeavor with a specific beginning and an end. Some key attributes of a project are; a well-defined objective, carrying out the project in a series of independent tasks to accomplish the goal, completing the project within a specific time frame and, meeting the needs of the customer.

b.What elements should be incorporated within a well-defined project objective? Please provide an example.

Elements in a well-defined project objective are defining the objective in terms of scope, cost, and schedule. An example of this might be; building a computer in two weeks on a budget of $800.00 that is capable of running World of Warcraft at 60 frames per second in full screen mode.
c.List some examples of resources that are used on a project.
Some Examples of resources that might be used in my project are computer parts, software, a computer parts store and tools. Resources are typically anything that might be used or consulted in order to carry out the project task.

2.Define scope, schedule, cost, and customer satisfaction. Why are these considered to be constraints?

The scope of a project is defined as what the ultimate goal of the particular project might be, or rather what is the ultimate outcome you are expecting from this project. The schedule is the timeline of this project, how long do you anticipate the project to take, or what is the amount of time allotted for this project. Cost is the anticipated price to achieve the goal of your project. How much are you allowing or how much do you anticipate spending. Customer satisfaction is defined as whether you and the customer agree that you have satisfied the requirements of the project and met the customers’ expectations on how the project was carried out and completed. All of these are considered constraints because they are all variable. You can have a clearly defined scope of a project and find that you might adjust the ultimate outcome because of changes that take place during the actual performance of the project due to an impact of another constraint. Or you might find that the total cost you have allowed is increasing due to a change in the schedule. They all impact each other and the effects ultimately affect customer satisfaction.

3.List and describe the main phases of the project life cycle.

The main phases of the project life cycle are, the identification of a need, developing a proposed solution, performance of the project, and termination of the project. Identifying the need of a project is where someone has a problem or a task that they would like to have resolved. Developing a proposed solution takes the problem or task and evaluates what might be done to solve the problem or some way to complete the identified task. A plan is mapped out on how they might be addressed and what the best way to go about the solution might be. Performance of the project is all about getting it done, it is all about putting the developed plan into action and actually doing the work or solving the problem. Finally, terminating the project is where the project comes to a close. Evaluation of the results on whether or not the project was or was not a success and how to improve on the process and potentially develop a better solution in the even the project should arise again.

4.List and describe the steps required to develop a baseline plan. 1. Clearly define the project objective. A project must...
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