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List of Project Topics for CEN4010 – Software Engineering I 1. Help Desk Computer Support
This is a help desk for servicing computer parts (CD-Rom, Hard-drive, Floppy, etc.). This system will provide a way for customers to request the repair of computer parts and allow them to view the status of all items being serviced. There are 3 types of users that are allowed to logon to the system. The first type of users is a regular customer, who is allowed to view the status of all computer parts that are being serviced. A regular customer can add more computer parts that need servicing. The second type of users is a technician, who is allowed to update the status of a certain computer part (fixed, not fixed, etc.). The third type of users is the system Administrator, who has the ability to add and remove technician and user accounts.

2. A Car Rental System
This system will allow for three types of users: guests, members, and administrators. Guests will be able to browse location, availability, price, and model. Members will have their personal information stored (i.e. name, address, and credit card info.) and will have access to any specials. Finally, the administrator can change or update car models, prices, etc.

3. A Flight Reservation System
Users will be able to look for, book and cancel flights, as well as, organizing trips. There are 3 different types of users. The administrator will be able to add/delete destinations, change prices and so on. The registered users will be able to book/cancel flights. Finally, the guests will be able to search for flights, but they won't be able to reserve them unless they register. 4. A Grade Report System

This system allows a professor logs on to create, access, and updates class grades for students in his or her class. The students in the class are then able to log on and check their scores for all exams taken in that class. A system administrator is responsible for logging in and adding/deleting students, teachers, and...
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