Project Juniper

Topics: Rate of return, Investment, Project management Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: October 26, 2014

Project Management email

OPS 571
September 10, 2014

Project Management email
This is in response to your email that I received of you asking whether or not if you should invest into Project: Juniper. Even though, the critical path shows that it will only take six months to complete the project from beginning to the end. Upon further evaluation and taking into consideration that your return on investment would not be anywhere near to the point of your initial investment. It is in my utmost opinion that you should not invest with this project. For you to invest $325,000 and only get a Return on Investment (ROI) of only $250,000 in the course of two to three years makes no sense. You could invest in other avenues and have a higher ROI in a shorter amount of time. If we perform a break-even analysis, you will see that the breakeven point is slightly over three years in which you do not recoup your initial investment of $325,000 till three years later. •Evaluation of Project: Juniper (breakeven analysis)

if the initial investment is $325,000 and an anticipated $250,000 ROI, there is no ROI being made in three years •Whereas the initial investment of $325,000 and an anticipated $250,000 ROI is made in 2 years •There is $75,000 left for the third year in which the ROI will be achieved in a little less than three years The five stages of a project are:

Initiating: this is the phase where all of the initial groundwork is to be laid. During this phase, we assign personnel to appropriate projects and get the input of our clients of an upcoming project. •Planning: This is the part where the job is defined, and it goes into more detail. At this step, we get into more of the financial aspect of our project. Meaning that we have a proposed budget and set tasks that should be done on by or before the anticipated completion date. •Execution: This is when everyone begins doing everything that they should be doing. Some individuals...

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