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A Research Project
Presented to the class of Prof. Sancho Antipona
To our panelist Prof. Wilhelmina Lopez and Prof. Marie Shiela Malcampo Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirement for the Course
Communication Arts II

Presented by:
Prado, Jozelina P.
Masangkay, Sarah
Vicente, Jovel and
Alayon, Carlo Angelo

January 22, 2010


There are common situations encountered by teachers with regard to

Students’ school attendance and academic performance, the problem arising

from the situations, and EASE as solution.

Most teachers agree that the problem about students’ leave of absence

Can be minimized more rationally and systematically, if the school has in place,

An alternative program for students who are on leave for justifiable reasons.

EASE was developed by the Bureau of Secondary Education and was adopted

This is one of the strategic components of Dropout Reduction Program (DORP).

EASE is an acronym for Effective Alternative Secondary Education. The

program offers flexible time option to certain students who cannot report to class

during certain seasons of the school year for the various reasons. The program

provides printed self-learning modules for students to use thereby allowing them

to continue their lessons and classroom activities on their own convenient time

(copyright 2009 Bureau of Secondary Education, Dept. of Education, Republic of

the Philippines).

A. Statement of the problem. Realizing the significant effect to the

Students’ of Sapang Palay National High School the Effective Learning

Secondary Education. Specifically, this study aims to answer the question,

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Project EASE? An Effective

Alternative Secondary Education to students’ of SPNHS.

B. Basic assumption. Students’ must respond to the everyday challenges

and demands of family and community life not a hindrances to Education.

C. Importance of the Study. It must be borne in mind that the welfare of

the youth is a perennial responsibility of society.

D. Scope and limitations of the study. This study will cover the Program

Project EASE and the advantages and disadvantages to selected student in

First Year, Second Year, Third Year and Fourth Year.

Review of Related Literature

The Education Department works to lower drop out rates through a more

flexible schooling program. The Effective Alternative Secondary Education

Project, or Project EASE, is a program designed by the Dept. of Education and in

the coordination with the Southeast Asian Ministers for Educational Innovation

and Technology. It targets regular High School students who intermittently miss

classes due to various reasons. Project EASE is not a total replacement for a

regular classes; rather it is designed for studentswhi will only miss a part of the

school year (such as planting and harvesting season)to be able to continue their


Project EASE uses a module based approach-students. They are given

modules to take home and be able to study their lessons outside the classroom.

It was launched in 1997, with the Davao City National High School among the

first pilot schools to implement this program. The program is now available in the

Public High School nationwide, and is now part of the Drop-out Reduction

Program (

Specific objectives are to:

1. Improve the holding power of the school;

2. Strengthen school and family partnership in order to reduce student drop out rate; and

3. Increase students’ capabilities for independent self-managed learning.


Education is a priceless legacy we can bequeath to our children. Through...
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