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Proposal – Detailed Project Specification/Plan

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Final Year BIS/SE Draft Project Proposal / Detailed Project Specification

1 Project Title :

2Background to the problem

Give the background to the problem you are setting out to solve, and identify what your proposed solution is. Explain what it is about this problem that makes it an interesting / worthwhile idea for a project

3 Aims of the Project

The aims of this project are to
Explain what you are setting out to achieve.
Explain the target you have set yourself.
The principal things you intend to achieve
specific, achievable goals
may be expressed in terms of the major tasks you intend to carry out BUT NOT a list of system equirements
Should be SMART (Simple, Meaningful, Achievable, Relevant, Testable)

4Tasks & Deliverables

In order to be considered for a pass this project, I intend to show in my report that I have made an adequate attempt at completing the following tasks:

Read the marking criteria to help you.
Give us a list of tasks you will perform and the deliverables in order to pass your project. These are the ones that will be judged to accept your proposal. This should tell us what you propose to do to achieve your aims – at least up to the point where you have achieved a pass. Make sure each task is described in sufficient detail so we can understand what you will do (e.g. “identify the user groups for the system”, “identify each user group’s specific requirements”, “identify what data the system needs to store in order to fulfill the requirements”)

5Research Question

Ask your supervisor to comment and sign below if he agrees that you will use your own resources, as described above.

Name of Supervisor(s): ____________________________________________

Supervisor’s Comments:

Supervisor’s Signature ……………………………………………...
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