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Software Development: Graded Unit 2
Gift shop Project Documentation

John Carlo Obaob

Initial Investigation
Project Brief
The project will be about a Gift Shop database system. Because transaction records on papers can be lost or tampered, a simple yet effective and functional shop database system can be of use. This can also reduce the overall cost for managing the records that is paper based. This type of database system can be more secured and easy to manage. Because paper based database have limited physical storage space and the records can be very messy. Manually searching throughout the records can take time so is sorting every record. It is also difficult to make a backup of every record page, another copy also means extra storage space needed. The created Gift Shop database application will allow the system to perform the following functions: Add new items to the record.

Add a customer details to the record.
Add an order details to the record.
Update the created record.
Remove one or all of the existing record.
Produce a report of the above records.

The database will be made using a database application (Microsoft Access or similar). It will be running on a PC with Windows 7 Operating System. A backup copy of the database can be uploaded to The whole project will begin by 19th of September 2014 and will be functional by May 2015.

Functional Requirements
1. Add item to the existing record or add new
2. Search the existing items
3. Update an item detail
4. Remove an item
5. Displays item details
6. Add customer details
7. Displays the customer’s details
8. Update customer details
9. Remove a customer record
10. Add payment details
11. Display Staff details
12. Add Order details
13. Update Order details
14. Display Order details
15. Remove Order
16. Non Functional Requirements
1. Runs on a PC with Windows 7 Operating System
2. Back up uploads to Dropbox
3. Project must be ready by May 2015
Analysis & Design Techniques
Computerised shop database system has been replacing paper-based database for the ease of using systems continues to be in demand. This is due to computerized database system that can store a large amount of records efficiently and it is easy and quick to find the record details. It is also easy to add new data and to update or delete a record, and the record can be transferred into another applications which enables the database system to be accessed by one or more person.

The Gift Shop database system project will be created to help the shop keep track of its records. It will contain all necessary records in a single easy to manage system that can run on any computer systems. The database system will be created using C# with applications like Microsoft Visual Studio or similar applications making it easier to implement and maintain. The Gift Shop system will offer an easy to use interface and also make use of simple commands. The shop doesn’t need any staffs that have high technical qualifications to operate the system. Because it is fairly simple, further update and maintenance can easily be done to the system.

I have researched similar database system over the internet that have a similar database structure as my gift shop database system. Some of these database systems have used generic table names to contain their records. Here are some of the generic tables that other systems have used:

ITEMS or PRODUCT tables that contain an item’s details such as its ID, name and price. ORDER or BASKET tables that will contain the order ID, order date and payment details. It also holds the shipping address, the total cost, discount, and will be used as a flag of the processed status of the order CUSTOMER or MEMBER tables that will contain the customer id number, name, address STOCK tables contain the quantity of items available for every item. INVOICE table

A similar database system I have researched was the DVD Store [1]...
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