Project: Diversity in America

Topics: Culture, United States, African American Pages: 4 (1410 words) Published: June 1, 2012
When I think of diversity in America, I think that this is what makes America what it is. Over the course of this class, I have realized that America was founded on diversity. Different cultures immigrated to this country so that they could escape religious persecution and worship freely. Over time, this country was known as a safe haven for those looking to have their diverse cultures and religions respected individually. Although there are those who discriminate against others for these things, people still have the right to express their cultures and religions freely. Before taking this class, I only noticed how far we had to go, and now I see how far we have already come.

After doing some research about my own racial history for assignments that we have had to do, I feel that I have learned more about my culture that I was not previously aware of. One of these things was the fact that there have been so many achievements that have been reached by African Americans even through slavery, oppression, and racism. Some of the contributions African Americans have made to this country have been invaluable and cannot be duplicated.

With the level of diversity that already exists in this country, I think that it is likely that by the year 2050, there may be fewer clearly delineated races. This country has become a melting pot for various cultures and races to integrate and shape a new look and image of what an American is. I believe that Caucasians will no longer be the majority in this country. I also believe that this will eliminate the need for majority and minority classifications due to a more thorough blending of races and cultures and the arrival of more diverse cultures and races into the United States.

Because of this diversity, the United States does face a few challenges. One of the biggest challenges that we face is discrimination. Most of the discrimination in this country stems from the lack of knowledge many people have of other...
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