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1(1.1) Development. Birth – 3 months

Social, emotional and behavioural
They start to notice their fingers and move them in front of their face.

At 3 months the child may start to lift their head.

Also they are more aware of their surroundings.

At this stage a baby is very alert; they can turn their heads to view surroundings.

They will recognise a parent’s voice, and start to focus on the persons face. Communication
Will cry when hungry or distressed.

Smile back when they see a smiling face.

Start to make cooing noises.
6 Months
At this stage a baby is very alert; they can turn their heads to view surroundings.

The baby can support its own head and pull itself into a sitting position without help.

With adults help in a standing position they can bear their own weight and start to bounce.

They will also be fascinated by toys and reach out to grab them with a palmer grasp.

Start to notice mobiles and other objects.
They start to understand some words that are said to them.

Try to communicate back with babbling or cooing sounds.
Social, emotional and behavioural
Smiles when playing.

They will start to try foods such as baby rice, porridge and finger foods. 9 Months
Standing and side stepping around the furniture.

A baby will use a pincer grip, with thumb and index finger,

Crawling, shuffling and other movements might occur to become mobile.

Sitting without support.
Exploring more objects with hands or mouth.

Notice that some objects or people do not disappear when out of sight. Social, emotional and behavioural
Cry when left with a stranger.

Tries to stay near parent or carer.

Cry when parent or carer leaves the room.
Point and poke at an object or person.

Sitting without support.

Babbling, recognisable words and sound are more occurring.

1-3 Years

Can talk in short sentences.

Language skills developing, speaking several clear words and understands a lot of what an adult is saying.

Can say simple numbers and names.

Volume and pitch not fully controlled.

Responds to commands such as, show me your eyes, nose and mouth.

Uses two word compounds.

Speech easily understood.

Vocabulary of approximately 100-300 words.

4 – 7 Years
Runs with ease.

Skips, gallops, hops and jumps.

Can walk on tip toes.

Rides a bike with or without training wheels.

Throw and catch a ball.

Good hand eye coordination.

Colours within the lines.

Starts to tie shoe laces with or without help.
Concentrates on activities for longer.

Able to count and do simple calculations.

Reads a book silently.

Makes their own decisions.

Has interest in completing a task.

Seeks help from adults.

Good at solving problems.
Speak is very clear.

Enjoys asking questions.

Starts to argue or disagree.

May tell lies.

Speaks in full sentences.

Can remember and sing songs.
Social, emotional and behavioural
Enters group play.

Able to share and play cooperatively.

Creates friendships with peers.

Responds to others feelings.

7 – 9 years

Drawing and writing is neater.

Cutting more accurate.

Fine and gross motor skills become faster and more accurate.

Enjoys completive sports.

More control over small muscles.

Body proportion has developed as much as an adult.
Understands there are rules in society.

Begins to join letters together.

Becomes more logical.

Thoughts become more advance.
Social, emotional and behavioural
Strong likes and dislikes.

Interests in adult’s hobbies and conversations.

Has learnt to patient.

Frustration and Emotions are much clearer.
Speech and language is fully developed.

Correct use of grammar.

Follows verbal and written instructions.

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