Project Charter

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Project Name
NSA Capstone
Project Charter

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Table of Contents
Project Description3
Project Objectives3
Project Scope4
In Scope:4
Out of Scope:4
Deliverables Produced:4
Acceptance Criteria:Project Estimated Effort/Cost/Duration5 Estimated Cost:6
Estimated Effort Hours:6
Estimated Duration:6
Project Assumptions7
Project Risks7
Project Constraints8
Project Dependencies8
Project Approach8
Project Organization9
Communication Plan:9
Project Guidelines:9
Project Approvals10

Project Description
On a large scale, summarize the case scenario or business case. Be specific in the background and why this project is necessary for the overall business value of the company (Remove this comment section from the final document.)

Project Objectives
Objectives are statements that describe what this project will achieve and deliver. Objectives may be written using a technique called “SMART”: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timebound. To be specific and concrete, objectives should be deliverable based. The completion of an objective should be evident through the creation of one or more deliverables. If the statement is at a high level and does not imply the creation of a deliverable, it may be a goal instead. If the statement is too low level and describes features and functions, then it may be a requirement statement instead. (Remove this comment section from final document.)

This project will meet the following objectives:
Objective 1
Objective 2
Objective 3

Project Scope
There are two components of scope – boundaries and deliverables. This section is where you clearly define the logical boundaries of your project. Scope statements are used to define what is within the boundaries of the project and what is outside those boundaries. Examples of areas that could be examined are data, processes, applications, or business areas. The following types of information can be helpful: The types of deliverables that are in scope and out of scope (business requirements, current state assessment) The major life-cycle processes that are in scope and out of scope (analysis, design, testing) The types of data that are in scope and out of scope (financial, sales, employee) The data sources (or databases) that are in scope and out of scope (billing, general ledger, payroll) The organizations that are in scope and out of scope (human resources, manufacturing, vendors) The major functionality that is in scope and out of scope (decision support, data entry, management reporting) (Remove this comment section from final document.)

The scope of this project includes and excludes the following items: In Scope:

Out of Scope:

Deliverables Produced:
All projects have deliverables whether a design, documentation, or tangible product. In this section, describe the deliverables of the project. Provide enough explanation and detail that the reader will be able to understand what is being produced. (Remove this comment section from final document.)

Deliverable 1: Deliverable description
Deliverable 2: Deliverable description
Deliverable 3: Deliverable description

Specify areas or groups affected by, or that may participate in, the project. This is meant to be comprehensive but high level. Individual names should not appear, but the organizations they represent are included here. (Remove this comment section from final document.)

The impact of this project on other...
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