Project Charter

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The Project Charter will serve as an internal document that captures high level planning information (scope, deliverables, assumptions, etc.) about the Project.

The Project Manager creates the Project Charter in the Initiation Phase of the Project, in consultation with the Business Manager. Its purpose is to recognize the existence of the project and to begin the planning process required to accomplish the Project goals. It is not intended to be shared with the customer as a formal contract or legal document.

The Project Charter is an input to the Definition Phase of the Project where much of the information contained herein forms the basis for detailed project planning.

Version 0.1
Date xxxxxx

Project Name:

Project Number:

Revision Number:


Describe the business need, opportunity or problem that the project was undertaken to address – i.e., the project justification. 2. DELIVERABLES

Provide a high level list of “what” needs to be done in order to reach the goals of the project. Each deliverable should be sufficiently detailed so that the Project Team will understand what needs to be accomplished. Describe the deliverable using action words (verbs) such as “deliver, provide, create, research, etc.

Deliverables should be measurable, so the Project Sponsor and Team can determine whether the deliverable has been successfully completed at the project’s conclusion.


Document the scope of work to be delivered. To assist you in defining scope, use documentation such as RFP’, sales proposals, business requirements, functional specifications, etc. to set and limit the scope.

In Scope is what the project will include to meet the requirements of the Project goals.

Out of Scope excludes responsibilities, activities, deliverables or...
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