Project Charter

Topics: Project management, Education, Wireless access point Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Project Description
* The purpose of this project is to submit a proposal to network the floor of an educational institution. The floor contains three wings that each contains a computer lab and eight classrooms. Each wing contains a telecommunications closet that will be networked through and connected to the closets in the other wings. This will be providing network capabilities to the three labs and twenty-four classrooms in support of the Educational Institutions needs. The central lobby will also be equipped with wireless access coverage with the ability to support up to 100 users at any given time. A floor plan has been provided to show data points and demarcation points. Project Team

* Jason Speas
* Project Manager
* Darryl Dugger
* Hardware installer
* Derika Hobson
* Network installer
* Jason Speas
* Supervisor
* Darryl Dugger
* Cabling contractor
Goals and Objectives

* We will install four Cisco Aironet 3500 series wireless access points in the general lobby area and two in each wing to provide wireless access throughout the floor. * Three 24-port switches in order to manage the 66 ports in each wing will be installed in each telecommunication room. Each of the telecommunication rooms will be connected to the same network. * Given a physical layout diagram, we will install 198 network drops based on ANSI/TIA-568-C standards using Cat6 UTP horizontal cabling and fiber-optic backbone cabling. * The telecommunications rooms will have locked mounting racks as an added security measure to keep any theft of equipment. * Each room will be properly documented with wiring information and locations to give information in case of the need to trouble shoot any problems or replacement of any parts or equipment.

Business Case
As a Business and professionals we care about how are work will benefit you and your success. As an educational institution, We want to provide...
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