Project case analysis on Motivating for effective people

Topics: Motivation, Employment, Management Pages: 3 (632 words) Published: April 14, 2014

Case Analysis on Motivating Employees
Motivation key for Success: The Case of Xerox
BBA310: Management
Deborah Witt
Jones International University, (JIU)
Instructor: Dr. Ina-Ann Freeman

Case Analysis on Motivating Employees

Xerox was able to motivate its employee through the crisis it faced in 2000? Xerox faced in 2000, the company was able to maintain employee motivation. However, I am sure it was not an easy task. I think the company was able to maintain employee motivation by first motivating the management team. Leaders cannot effectively motivate employees unless they are motivated themselves. I also believe that Xerox made the employees aware of the situation and assured them actions were being taken to rectify the problems. Another way the company could have motivated the employees is by allowing them to voice their concerns as well as offer suggestions.

CEO with such a large number of employees communicates priorities to a worldwide workforce? The CEO of a company must be able to effectively communicate priorities to its employees. The CEO could also have posters created and place them on bulletin boards in the employee cafeteria or other places where they socialize. Motivation in the Workforce Managing employees is cited as being the biggest problem to small business owners. This is because employers very often don't know how to handle employees. Effectively managing employees is a skill acquired through training and practice. CEO's with a large number of employees have no problem communicating priorities to their worldwide workforce.

Case Analysis on Motivating Employees

With the current technology's mass communication tools such as the internet, emailing, word documents, spreadsheets, power point presentations, fax machines, and more there are numerous ways for CEO's to reach their staff instantly. Ursula Burns motivate employees to take calculate risk?...
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