Project Brief for Case-Oracle

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Appendix 3


PRINCE 2 Method

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[It is essential to obtain a clear view of the final objective(s) and outcome, as well as the constraints and assumptions that impact on those responsible for the project. A properly constructed Project Mandate will help but as the creation of the Project Mandate is outside the control of the Project Manager, the Project Brief is used to “fill in the gaps”. The Project Brief is used to identify the basic essentials of the proposed project (Objectives, Outline Business Benefits & Risks; Customer’s Quality Expectations etc). The Project Brief should be drawn up in consultation with the sponsor of the proposed project. The Project Manager is responsible for producing the Project Brief and agreeing it with the Project Authority (the Project Board Executive member) and subsequently the Project Board at the Project Initiation Meeting (PIM).]

|PROJECT BRIEF (Use to obtain approval to start the project and to obtain formal approval to expend |Document Ref & Version No: 1.1 | |the resources). This document must be accompanied by a plan covering the creation of the Project | | |Initiation Document | | |Programme: International Marketing |Project: Oracle Reference Case | |Author: INFINITAS Consulting |Date: 9 October 2012 |

This document has been produced to capture a “first cut” view of the scope, investment needed, dependencies on other projects and anticipated payback so that the constituent parts of the Project/Programme can be prioritised, funded and authorised. The Project Brief will provide the basis for the Project Authority (Project Board) to decide to authorise the creation of the Project Initiation Document (PID).

Oracle’s business is information - how to manage it, use it, share it, protect it. The company provides a portfolio of industry-leading applications - available on a subscription or managed basis.

The objective of this project is to collect, calculate, analyse, and process the information needed for Oracle’s customer reference book. With these references, Oracle wants to equip their sales representatives with useful tool to increase sales. Different references have to be made for different companies depending on their size.

Scope, Exclusions & Interfaces:
|In |Out | |Desk research |Writing customer reference book | |Analyse data |Collect the initial list of customers | |Come up with a list of statements |Control effectiveness | |Selection of useful companies |Selling | |Qualify and quantify data | |

Major areas: Benelux

Outline Deliverables (Products):

• Project Brief
• Project Initiation Document
• Reference Book

There are two main constraints for this project.
• One thing we have to keep in mind is the time restrictions since we only have two blocks to finish our project. This...
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