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1. Your details:
Full Name: Fardzalilla Binti ZailiStudent ID: CVB 090514792E-mail of study: 301 KM (PROJECT)Project Supervisor: Miss Nur Hazwani Binti DzulkeflySecond Assessor : Madam Zarila Binti Zahari|

2. Project title (provisional) [Meaningful, relevant and concise] Abandoned child among school teenagers and how to overcome|

3. Intended user or group of users and their requirements. [ a) Who is the intended user or group of users? b) Why you think there is need for this project? c) What are the needs of the intended user that your product should satisfy?] This project is to study about social problem in Malaysia which is to be more specific is abandoned child among school teenagers and how to overcome.The research is focus on our society in terms of how they handling this social issue that been such a phenomenal problem happened in this centuries.This project is wished to be the aid in helping the society which is co-operate with NGO to gives a shelter to abandoned children. The client’s details are as follows. Client Name: Taska Sri Bulan Owner: Miss Nurul Amirah Binti Mohd. IsaLocation: No.235, Jalan Jati 14, Taman Desa Jati (Acacia Park), Putra Nilai, 71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.Contact Number: 012-2297430To get all information to fulfil the client need, there will be :- 1. Identify what are the factors that cause abandoned child. 2. Gives several solution or steps should be taken. 3. There will had several interview session with the client to gain the information, any other related ideas and to identify their problems. 4. Questionnaires will be distributed to the society, to obtain feedback on the issue. 5. To ensure the project will successful, various resources such as referring some books, journals or magazines will be used to obtain useful information. .The needs of intend user is to minimizing the abandoned child in our society, it is a disease in our community nowadays. .|

4. Systems requirements and project deliverables. [ a) What are the characteristics/properties that the final product should possess? b) What are the process stages and the corresponding deliverables that will enable you to create the final product?] The product that will used to comprise this project such as :- * Software – SPSS, Microsoft Office Word * Hardware – Laptop and external hard disk.PROJECT OBJECTIVES * To prevent the abandoned child * To give protection to child * To overcome the social problem among teenagersProject deliverable :- * A Project Brief * A Project Proposal * Documentation * Questionnaires * Data Analysis * Time Estimation * Gantt Chart * Presentation * Final Report|

5. Research [ a) How will you investigate/identify in detail the needs of the specified user in (3) b) How will you investigate the background of the project?] There are vary of study that used for searching all information , such as :- * Questionnaire – Identify what are the factors can cause abandoned child. The questionnaire will be distributed to our community. * Interview – After the questionnaire, compile all the answer and ask why? For all answer that have been them choose. Beside that I will ask them to get know all problem that been arise when there is abandoned babies in their surrounding and what are they going to do if it is happen to people around them. * Observation – I will observe the steps should be taken, how to get it done, who is involve to solve the problem and to get the solution how to get rid of all problem.The way to investigate the background of the project is through article, internet, and mass media and so on. Every day, in news shows about abandon child and it is become phenomenal about this social problem. Local media in recent months have highlighted cases of newborn babies being...
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