Project and Quality Management Term Project

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Project and Quality Management
Term Project
Due Date: 29th November, 2012

Group Member:
BEI ER, BA702713

Project Requirements
1. Establish the project objective, and make a list of your assumptions about the project. Project objectives
The project aims to transform the previous annual report done by the research center into a more eye-catching, organized report that can used to effectively promote the ‘not-for-profit’ nature of the center and enable past & potential donors to realize the contribution made by the center as well as reveal the center’s capability to manage resources and make good use of the donations granted. The content of the project will be useful to arouse the interests of donors to donate money in helping the center conduct researches.

Project assumption
1) Track project process once a week to ensure the project going smoothly 2) Staffs will work for 8 hours a day
3) Dedicated staff will stay in their current roles and devote most efforts into the project 4) Project staffs will be available as they are needed
5) Required hardware resources for the project will be available when they are needed 6) Information required by the project will be available at the time when it is needed and is accurate. 7) Testimonial targets will agree to be interviewed, if not, substituted targets will be listed in advance and adequate testimonial will be obtained within the assigned period. 8) All activities of the project are subject to the project objectives and requirements.

1) Preparation
We will first hold an internal meeting within our group to clarify the requirement of the report and identify the information and skills required to accomplish the report. Then we will have cross-functional communication to develop the relative skills and knowledge. Then, an outline of the annual report will be created to list out what should be included in the report.

2) Take pictures
We will do some preparation beforehand to facilitate photo-taking process, including selection appointment of sites, arrangement of transportation to the sites and preparation of photographic equipment. After that, our photographer, Lekysha, will visit the different locations to take photos within the period set. The photos will then be selected and organized to be included in the annual report and facilitates the understanding of potential report readers.

3) Testimonials
Preparation for interview will be done in advance, such as selecting targets from patients and families patient and families who benefit from the center’s research to collect testimonials, making appointments with each target, setting questions that have to be ask, arranging transportation for visits. In the expected time period, our staffs will visit the targets and conduct interviews with them. The content of interviews will be extracted and organized to prepare for writing the annual report.

4) Collect non-financial information
Our group will make a list of the past researches and activities done before and introduce each of them to enable donors and stakeholders be familiar with the center’s works. Furthermore, we will obtain information and objectives about future plans of the center from various departments so that past and potential donors will have a basic understanding about the center’s future targets and activities. Also, we will state how the center will spent the donation contributed by the donors.

5) Combine marketing strategies
Our staff will be responsible to propose suitable marketing strategies and included them into annual report.

6) Open tender
In the first place, we will set the standard and requirement for contractor selection. Then we will release the open tender announcement for companies to submit the bid. After the deadline for the bid, our group will start to screen out those companies to select the most suitable contractors to deal with the design,...
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