Project AdSpot - Analysis of the Characteristics of Billboards Surrounding GMA Kamuning Station

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Project AdSpot: GMA-Kamuning

Advertising has always been an integral part of marketing, and in turn, business. It is the way that businesses attract the attention of their market or audience. Now, billboards are considered to be one of the most effective ways of advertising. They are usually found along highways, expressways or, in this study’s case, along the train route. Because its natural habitat caters to fast moving viewers, billboards are designed to be eye-catching, to be easily understandable, and to be very memorable. Simply put, all billboards are trying to impress themselves onto the minds of the passersby. All billboards are competing for the market’s attention.

This need to stand out has created a diversity of billboard designs and since billboards don’t exactly come cheap, advertisers have started designing billboards very specifically. Advertisers put a lot of thought into the message the billboard will carry, and of course, the details in the presentation of this message. It is through these details that we aim to characterize the billboards found near the GMA-Kamuning MRT Station.


Data Gathering
For the analysis, twenty billboards surrounding the immediate, pedestrian-accessible vicinity of the assigned station. Pictures were taken of the billboards, and then analyzed further. It is important to note that the data gathering occurred on September 30, 2010, since the billboards around the area have now been changed.

The GMA-Kamuning MRT station is located in Timog, Quezon City. It is an elevated station and is accessible to both Timog Avenue and East Avenue. The GMA TV Station can be found near this station as well as other transportation services like bus and jeep stations.

Measurements from the following variables were taken from the chosen billboards. Each variable is assigned a binary value. If the condition has been met, the variable takes on the value of 1, if not it is 0.

Cluster Analysis
SPSS was used to perform Cluster Analysis on the data. The complete linkage agglomerative technique was chosen because it yielded the only favorable cluster groupings. A dendogram, and a dissimilarity matrix were produced. RESULTS

After the data from the billboards had been taken, several variables were dropped. They had merited all 0s from all the billboards and thus provided no variability.

The resulting dendogram and dissimilarity matrix from the cluster analysis using complete linkage are as follows.

 Dendrogram using Complete Linkage

                                        Rescaled Distance Cluster Combine

            C A S E             0         5        10        15        20        25   Label                    Num  +---------+---------+---------+---------+---------+

  Tara! Let's Eat           11   ─┬───────────┐   WachaMakulit              13   ─┘           ├───────────────┐   DanzShowdown              12   ───────┬─────┘               ├───────────┐   Wish Ko Lang              19   ───────┘                     │           │   Oktoberfest                2   ─────────────┬───────────────┘           │   Temptation of Wife        14   ─────────────┘                           ├───────┐   Bubble Gang               15   ─────────────┬───────┐                   │       │   Unang Hirit               16   ─────────────┘       │                   │       │   OFW Diaries               18   ───────┬─┐           ├───────────────────┘       │   Party Pilipinas           20   ───────┘ ├─────┐     │                           │   Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho   10   ─────────┘     ├─────┘                           │   Grazilda                   8   ─────────┬─────┘                                 │   I Witness                 17   ─────────┘                                       │   Kaspersky                  7   ─────────────────────┬───────────────┐           │...

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