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1. Does Project 2007 function more like Microsoft Office Excel or Microsoft Office Access? Why?

Complete Project Plan Schedule Creation & Integration with Resources along with Resource Allocation & Cost estimation is easier & unique to Project 2007.

With knowledge of further VB Scripting or Macro creation – we can create these functions in all 3 application --Data is stored in Table Views; We have the capability for Charts; Time / Resource Allocation & Calculation; Database functionality (ODBC Connection); Calendar functionality; Graphs for Resources; Resource Usage; Formatting/Editing Options; Menu Options are similar in all 3 Applications; Can insert objects; Create hyperlinks; Can create visual reports; Can insert notes.

2. What is the function of the Global.mpt file?

The Global.mpt file is the default template for Project 2007. It contains default objects – like views, tables and filters that is used for reporting purposes & the default Menu Bar and Toolbars. The Global.mpt menu bar & toolbars can be customized. The Global.mpt is always open when Project 2007 is running.

3. In which situations would you recommend the use of project templates?

Project templates can be used to store layouts, settings and information that you want to use for multiple projects. Each time you start a new project you start with a copy of the template, which you can adjust as needed for the specific project.

Project templates are best recommended to be used in the bare beginnings of a project – as a starting point, e.g. when brainstorming; Sometimes Project Templates are also used when historically a similar project had been undertaken.

4. Which view would you use for:
Entering tasks?
Gantt Chart

Entering resources?
Resource Sheet

Entering assignments?
Gantt Chart

Checking the network logic?
Network Diagram

Viewing workloads?
Resource Graph

To-do lists?
View Calendar

5. Why would you use a split view (combination...
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