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All European languages can be rooted back to the Latin vernacular. Latin was not a language that was easily written because there were so many dialects. The condition of Latin made Italian immerse. Writers of Italy played a key role in spreading the Italian language out into Europe. It became the first language to be written in a literary work. Dante Alighieri played a major role in the Italian language with his famous works. The thing that made Italian so popular was the use of printing. Italian was the best language to use. Even in the arts Italian was used because it was the easiest to understand.

Language has always been a complex form of communication. Every place has a form of communication that is understood by the people. With out language one could not express their thoughts or any of their feelings into words. In Europe the vernacular language used was Latin. Since Latin was only a spoken language and not in a written form, writers began to write in a language spoken in the streets called the vernacular. (Sayre, 2013) “In medieval Europe culture and education was Latin-based.”(Vernacular, 1987) Since literacy was so limited and not to mention the change of the scribes, how vulnerable manuscripts were, and the condition of the language, Latin started to turn into numerous dialects that were not conventionally spelled. (Vernacular, 1987)

Languages started to immerse from the vernacular because of the condition of the Latin language. The first language that transformed into a literary medium was Italian. (Vernacular, 1987) The written form of the language is what brought on the spread of Italian; writers played the key role in spreading it out. The person that played a major role in spreading the Italian language was Dante Alighieri. (Vernacular, 1987) Dante was a poet in the medieval times of Italy in Florence. He is most known for his great work entitled the Divine...

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