Topics: Philippines, Family, 2006 albums Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: February 24, 2013
The Effects on the Attitudes and Behavior of Having OFW Parents

In this generation some of the parents in our country choose to work abroad to be far away from their love ones just to earn money that may cause negative effects to their families. Some common negative effects of having OFW parents are the teenage problems such dropping out of school, taking prohibited drugs and getting into early pregnancy. These negative effects sometimes occur when children don’t get too much attention from their parent or either guardian who is left behind. Children who don’t have their parents guidance can easily be influenced by peers. This is also a reason why “abandoned” children influenced their attitudes easily. But besides having negative effects, children having OFW parents also change for good especially those who are in adolescent age. Their OFW parents serve as their inspiration to do better in their endeavor. However, they were able to gain much higher salary than people working here in our country, they face their own struggles in a foreign land all alone with only determination to bring up the family’s status life, faith in God and the inspiration they get from their Filipino friends in abroad as well as their family left in the Philippines are their only defense against the wall of hardships and discrimination they get from the foreign people that they’re working with. Because of this, they were treated as the “New Heroes of our Generation” not only because of the braveness that they’ve shown but also because of the lovee and care that they give to their family.
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