Project 1: Famous Designer

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Noel Navarro
ARTS 1311
Project 1: Famous Designer

(2 points) Name of a professional designer: Paul Rand

(3 points) Place of birth and year (include year of death if deceased): Brooklyn, New York. August 15, 1914-November 26, 1996.

(12 points, 3 points each) About the designer:

1. The designer's background (schooling, nationality, etc.)

American born Paul Rand, highly dedicated himself in his earlier years that eventually led him to becoming a well known graphic designer. He's attended Pratt Institute, Parsons The New School for Design, Art Students League, and Yale University. In 1972, he was inducted into the New York Art Directors Club Hall of Fame.

2. What the designer design and why she/he is special?

Paul Rand is greatly known for many corporate logo designs. He's designed the logos for IBM, UPS, Enron, and many more. At a young age, Rand would paint signs at his fathers store. Rand, for the most part was self-taught. Which later in his career prove to be beneficial. With the practices of different styles, one in particular, the Swiss Style, Rand has launched himself into a career of making name brands that we've all come to know and love.

3. What style or school of thought is particular designer follows?

The works of artists Paul Cezanne to Jan Tschichold was what drew the connection for Paul Rand's modern philosophy. Their creativity helped Rand in his path of becoming a well known graphic designer and for years to come. Rand also worked on designs that would retain their identifiable qualities even after the designs have been damaged or obscured.

4. Do you like the designer's work? Why?

Growing up I've always liked what the logo IBM represented; a dependable computer with leading technology beyond its years. The logo represented that as well. With its simplicity in design, the logo itself were reasons to purchase any device IBM put out on the market. In the 42 years it lasted, the iconic logo, UPS, symbolized...
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