Project 1

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Project 1

Introduction 0
Organisational Objectives 0
Project Approach 0
Project Scope 0
Project Milestones 1
Work Breakdown Structure 1
Draft Design 1
Design 1
Photography 1
Coding & Review 1
Finalisation of Design and Coding 1
Final Review & Testing & Approval 1
Training 1
Website Launch 1
Review and Testing 1
Budget & Cost Management Plan 2
Cost Management Plan 2
Budget 2
Budget Summary 2
Budget Breakdown 2
Project Tools 2
Communications Management Plan 3
Quality Management Plan 3
Risk Management Plan 3
Contingency Plan 3
References 3
Project Approvals 4
Appendix A 0

The Twilight Zone Take Away Restaurant has recently approved the development of a website to move their marketing online. The website will aim to capture another audience and market share to draw further attention to The Twilight Zone‘s services and menus and increase customer service with the ability to place orders online. By introducing a modern and stylish website, The Twilight Zone can position itself as an industry leader in fine Take Always. The website will highlight catering packages, menus, photos of dishes and setups, and also have the ability to pay for deliveries online when an order is placed. There will also be the ability to track the order that is placed to follow its progress so the customer knows when their meals will arrive or when they should start heading out to pick up their meals from the restaurant. Having an online website the restaurant can also place links to Urban Spoon and other restaurant review site so when people are researching where they want to get a meal from they can easily find the rating and reviews of the Restaurant.

Organisational Objectives
• To develop a modern and stylish website for The Twilight Zone Take Away Restaurant • To provide an easy solution for customers and clients
• To develop an image that represents The Twilight Zone Take Away Restaurants vision statement • To reach a broader target market and attract new clientele Project Approach
The Project Manager, Ashleigh Cooper, has the overall authority and responsibility for managing and executing this Project Plan. The owner (Project Sponsor) of The Twilight Zone will have final authority over all major decisions and funding. The project team will consist of external contractors from Web Developer who will report directly to the Project Manager through the duration of the project. The Project Team, as they are an external contractor will still report to their organisation managers who will continuously report items of concern, delays, change on personnel to the Project Manager. Project Scope

The scope of The Twilight Zone Take Away Restaurant website development project includes the planning, design, development, and testing of the website and its functions and apps within. This includes photo shoots to enhance the websites image, updating the design of the Menu and including images of Meals that are prepared in the kitchen. The scope of this project also includes completion of all documentation and training aids to be used in conjunction with the website updates which can be completed by the Restaurant staff and owners when they want to add weekly or daily specials. Project completion will occur when the website is fully functional and live and the final documentation has been completed. The Scope will include the hosting, maintenance and major updates to software of the website but will not include future training. Project Milestones

Appendix A lists the major milestones for the Website Development Project. If there are any slippages in the delivery dates of the milestones the project manager must be notified immediately so proactive measures may be taken. Any approved changes to these milestones or dates will be formally communicated to the project team and project sponsor by the project manager. Work Breakdown Structure

Draft Design
Drafting of the website design will be with the...

References: ; Project Management Plan, Project Cost Management Plan
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