PROJ430 Week 6 Checkpoint Solution

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The Bathtub Period (Chapter 15, pp. 708 - 709)
Case Study Questions:
1. Should Jerry go to the General Manager? Why or why not? Think back to what is expected of a project manager and the project charter.
Answer – Given that the project was strategic in nature for the company, the loss of key personnel to other projects is a very big risk that could impact delivery and quality of the project. Also, Jerry and his team had really worked very hard to ensure that they make up the management reserve that will keep them on the project, an action that they for ensuring project success. However, Frank’s action of booking the management reserve as profit would greatly undermine the planning that had been done by Jerry and also was not in the best interests of the project as it poses a key risk of losing talented personnel if the program was closed. Based on this, and given that as a project manager Jerry was responsible for doing everything to ensure project success, and achieving the goals of the project charter, he should tae action if there are any forces that risk or hamper project success. Moreover was Frank wanted to do was not very ethical and correct as he was trying to gain money by misrepresenting facts. Therefore Jerry should go to the General Manager to present his case and ensure that there is action taen to ensure project success.

2. Should the key people be supported on overhead? Why or why not?
Answer – The Scott project was a very strategic project in nature, and quality delivery and performance on this project had potential of bringing in a lot of future business for the company. Given the current project context where there is a gap in the project, and the company may need to support key people on overhead else risk key people being allocated to other projects, which would impact the quality and ability of attaining project goals. In my opinion, the company should take a decision taking the long term into view which would ensure attainment of strategic

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