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 what is health science career cluster Do you enjoy helping people feel better? 
Are you interested in medicine or dentistry? 
Do you enjoy school, especially science classes? 
Would you enjoy teaching people how to live a healthy lifestyle?  Do you pay attention to small details? 
Do you have an excellent memory? 
Would you like working in a hospital or other medical facility? If your answer to two or more of these questions was yes, you might enjoy a career in health science. There are a variety of jobs and careers available in health science, including: Physician

Hospital administrator
Health unit coordinator
Nutritionist or dietician
Medical or public health researcher
Medical lab technician
Physician’s or medical assistant
Nursing assistant
Dental assistant
Physical therapist
Education After High School

It is fact that young people who have at least one year of post-high school education earn thousands of dollars more a year. So, if you spend even one year at a two- or four-year college, in a certificate program at a technical school, or in an apprenticeship after you graduate from high school, you will very likely earn higher wages all your life. By furthering your education, you will be better-prepared to successfully navigate the world of work. After taking CTE classes in health science, you could pursue any number of opportunities including: A certificate as a dental assistant or nurse assistant (can be earned while still in high school) A two-year college degree in nursing, medical assisting and other programs at your local community or technical college A f

our-year college degree to become a Registered Nurse, doctor or medical scientist.

What Is the Health Sciences
Career Cluster?
This Health Science Career
Cluster orients students to
careers that promote health,
wellness, and diagnosis as
well as treat...
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