Progressive Era Speech

Topics: Pure Food and Drug Act, Upton Sinclair, The Jungle Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: February 12, 2012
Dear US Congressmen,
My family, my neighbors, my city of Chicago risk our lives daily by eating contaminated and tainted meat produced in our town, but we cannot do anything to prevent it without you, congressmen. If you vote for the Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act to pass, millions of lives will be saved from something as little as headaches and nausea to something as fatal as dysentery or tuberculosis. In an inspection in the late 1890’s, Armour and Company distributed 750 cases of rotten, embalmed beef to soldiers across our nation causing a countless number of deaths. Is this how we should treat the men who fight to protect our nation? However, meat is not the only killer lurking in our diet. Feeding our children dirty, sickness-ridden milk causes 32 percent of babies to die before reaching age 1.Think of The Jungle’s poor, young, defenseless Kristoforas who died after eating the bad meat! Sure the current system of production is cheap and quick, but it’s killing more people than cows and swine! Yet with the help of the brave men of his Poison Squad, Dr. Harvey Wiley tested these harmful foods and declared that the use of preservatives and additives such as borax and boric acid was bad for human digestion and should immediately be banned. Courageous writers such as Upton Sinclair and Samuel Hopkins Adams unveiled the truth about this rotten industry that has the ability to kill the whole country with its products. I am speaking to you as a mother of two children and a wife of a man who has worked at and witnessed the repulsive manufacture of something that can barely be called meat at the killing beds. I am scared for my family, as you should be for yours. Every one of your votes to pass these acts will hurt the harmful, help the helpless, and save all citizens. Thank you for your time,
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