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February 24, 2015
Progress takes time. Progress helps people change for the better, as a whole individual, nation, or even world. Progress is the change that we want to see ourselves’s and in the world. We do not know what change will bring and when it will happen, but we do know that progress is our favorite challenge. Now as we live in a world with infinite history, we do not reach for a finite end; we constantly pursue improvements to which there is no limit. In the course of doing so, progress has become our favorite word. I believe Churchill's description of progress is correct because progress to see the smallest of things.

I view progress as an ongoing task, it never ends and we don't ever stop pursuing it. No matter what, progress is inevitable. For example, nobody would've ever guessed that slavery, and it's time, could be ceased. The thought if African-Americans getting the right to vote was a lunatic thought. However, with each day, the African-Americans got closer to freedom from white oppression. This was “fruitful” for both sides of the argument, the proslavery South and the anti-slavery North because we became a untied nation. However, racism still exists today and the climb is not over for African-Americans. They still have some black stereotypes placed on them, however when people try to stop racial stereotypes they progress in a way by not making jokes or fun of the situation. Another example of progress includes the life of an individual. Once a person is born they have their whole life in front if them and endless possibilities of adventure, change, or progress. Children need to learn how to read, write, speak, and even to think. Each of

these skills are “ever-lengthening” because you learn something new every day. Progress is in the smallest of being that have infinite opportunities to change themselves. Each skill is “everimproving”, we learn how to love, enjoy, and even hate...
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