Programs and Curriculum Planning

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Kawonda Starling
Programs and Curriculum Planning
ECE 312 Administrations of Early Childhood Ed. Programs
Instructor Tracy Reed
June 2, 2013

Early childhood education programs are formed by administrators coming together to form curriculums for teachers in the program to have as a guide to teach young children. For an example, each county has a board of education for the school system with administrators who form a curriculum for teachers to teach by; and administrators leads the teachers to make sure the teachers are teaching children based on the curriculum formed by the board of education. Child care centers usually form curriculums based around what program the center is accredited by through the state. For an example, here in Georgia we have a program name “Bright from the Start” which has standards each center must meet to be on the program and have curriculum for each child care center to follow. Whether it is a school system or childcare center administrators and teachers must work together to teach from the curriculums formed so children can learn. How the role of the administrator in program and curriculum planning is different from that of the teacher.

Education administrators organize and manage the administration, support systems and activities that facilitate the effective running of an educational institution (AGCAS 2012). For an example, in a childcare center the administrators are the owners, directors, and whatever program that accredited the daycare center through the state. School systems have administrators also. The board of education votes on the school super intendant who schedule meetings to plan a curriculum for the school system to teach by. The school super intendant hires administrators such as principals, and assistant principles to make sure the teachers in the schools are teaching by the curriculum. The teachers are teaching the children based on the school system and/or the daycare curriculum chosen. The administrators are here to help teachers follow the program and the curriculum. It is according to what grade level of school the teacher is teaching or what age level the daycare teacher is teaching. For an example, I have worked with two years old for seven years and I had to form my own curriculum. The learning and developmental needs of your chosen age group

For my two years olds, I formed my own curriculum name “Discovering Independency Curriculum”. My two years olds curriculum integrates the necessary first steps to prepare children for preschool, kindergarten and so on. The curriculum starts the child moving from childcare towards a more structured educational formation in preparing for preschool as children build his or her ability to sit and listen for longer periods of time. My daycare is a area based learning environment for children to learn and play. The children move area to area as he or she explores, discover, and expand interest in learning. The first area is my “Dramatic Play” area. The dramatic play area is filled with things like dress up clothes, dolls, and puppets so the children can play dress up and pretend. The next area is the “Transportation/Community” area. In this area I have toy community transportation vehicles and a rug with streets and building designs for the children to push the vehicles on. Another are I have is the “Art” area. In this area the children have access to crayons, markers, paint, and papers so they can draw and paint pictures. I have a “Reading/Quiet” area. This area is filled with books on the book shelf, stuffed animals and children lounging furniture so the children are comfortable and cozy in this area while reading. I have a “Kitchen/Household” area. The kitchen/household area has a toy kitchen set, toy food, and toy cleaning utensils so the children to play with. I have a “Music” area as well. This area has a radio and musical instruments for the children to sing, dance, and play. The last area I have is the “Building”...

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