Topics: Psychology, Anger, Problem solving Pages: 4 (1234 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Demetris Taylor
Anger Management
St. Leo University

In this paper I will discuss different intervention strategies that may be used to deal with anger management issues. I will discuss several different programs that are used and how they are used and the length of these different programs. I will also discuss different Coping strategies that are used to deal with anger management issues. I will also discuss some strategies that have been used in the anger management treatment setting.

According to Merriam Webster, the term Therapeutic can be defined as the treatment of a disease or disorder by remedial agents or methods by providing or assisting in a cure. Anger can be defined as an emotional response to a situation in which an believes it to be threatening or offensive to themselves or others (Lochman, Palardy, McElroy, Phillips & Holmes, 2004) Anger can be proven to be adaptive in that it may be a motivational factor that tends to focus on resources towards the threatening offensive event. Anger can be considered a key element in the natural “fight or flight response” and provides mobilizing arousal to “attack” the source of the threat. Many individuals face difficulty when controlling the emotion of anger. Intense uncontrollable anger appears to be related to aggression and conduct problems including conduct disorder (Lochman et al, 2004).

Based on the contextual social cognitive model, two anger management programs have been developed; anger coping program and the coping power program. Anger Coping is part of the cognitive behavioral group which has been designed to reduce aggressive and disruptive behavior by enhancing an individual’s ability to cope adaptively with difficult situations and feeling. The Anger Coping program has been used primarily with school aged children; the primary focus group includes children who are between the ages of four and six. Those children who have benefited from this program should demonstrate...

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