program planning and evaluation paper

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Program Planning and Evaluation Paper

The purpose of this Program Planning and Evaluation paper is to make a comparative analysis planning and evaluation processes in a human service organization like Peace. We will also look at how technical and political factors can affect program planning and evaluation process. Program planning involves a variety of elements including identifying program need and capacity (including surge capacity), planning for resource allocation and use, assuring service delivery, preparing to respond to critical events, and evaluating program activities and outcomes. Undertaking a long-term strategic planning process can provide the framework needed for program planning. Strategic planning can help identify the organizational goals to be achieved over a specific period of time and the resources needed to achieve those goals ( Program evaluation is an essential organizational practice in public health; however, it is not practiced consistently across program areas, nor is it well-integrated into the day-to-day management of most programs. Program evaluation is a tool for using science as a basis for decision-making and action, making efforts outcome-oriented, and being accountable--principles that imply several ways to improve how public health activities are planned and managed. These principles underscore the need for programs to develop clear plans, inclusive partnerships, and feedback systems that allow learning and ongoing improvement to occur ( HOW DO PROGRAM PLANNING AND EVALUATION RELATE?

Evaluation design and program (or curriculum) planning cannot be treated as independent activities. As seen in the graphic, you must first set clear goals and objectives and instructional strategies before you can decide how to assess learners or determine the overall success of a program (or curriculum). Findings from the evaluation inform decisions about what modifications may be necessary as you refine...

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