Program Management for Mental Issues

Topics: Implementation, Employment, Employee assistance programs Pages: 4 (1117 words) Published: March 3, 2014
The cause and the extent of the identified health issue

The identified issue I have chosen to create a program for is that of mental issues that include: depression, stress and anxiety. The extent of these common causes is so large that everybody is affected by one or the other at any time in their life. A lot of people who may work casual, part time or full time can also be doing other jobs on the side or studying and do not have the time to make an appointment with a counselling company or just may not have anyone to talk to and can therefore cause these feelings of anxiety, stress and depression to become more than what it started out to be.

The scope of employee assistance program (EAP) needed

The objective of implementing this program is to give employees the opportunity to relieve themselves of their mental burden of distress and anxiety. Providing a relief resource program in the workplace enables everyone to be able to focus more on their work and improve their attitude towards work and life itself. Overall, the objective is to keep workers satisfied with working conditions and have them keep an expected and steady standard of continuous productivity.

An overview of a program that could be implemented

An overview of this program would include goals, the purpose, who to contact throughout the program and a rationale as to why this program should indeed be implemented into the workplace. The goal of this program is to ensure a workplace that offers the chance to feel better about yourself and to also help the workplace keep up its productivity, reputation and representation; all this whilst helping the workers through their own troubles. The purpose of this program is of course, to be known as an understanding manager and work establishment that does care for its people and can keep up the produce of the workplace at the same time without being too soft for the workers or too harsh. This program needs to exist to show that mental disorders...
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