Profit vs Not for Profit Hospitals

Topics: Health care, Economics, Medicine Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: January 6, 2002
The delivery of health care is in termoil. With all the technology and medical advances, how can the consumer be sure they will receive the best possible health care available? I believe the answer lays with in the type of facility one uses. Look at the For Profit and Not for Profit agencies. At a not for profit agency, the money goes back to the community. In a for profit the money goes to the corporation or share holders. So how does this affect the type of health care delivered? A not for profit agency has to treat every one in the community, weather they can pay or not. This agency will make money eventually, since they have to in order to keep afloat. The money will be less and slower coming. Therefor, this agency will develop community based programs focused on preventitive medicine in order to keep the community healthier in theory. This is due in part because they can not afford to offer more extensive services that are more expensive. The staff for these agencies will be over worked and under paid . The for profit on the other hand will be selective. The staff will be better paid , equipment will be kept updated in order to offer more extensive services. The community will benefit in a different way with increased income coming into the community providing economic growth. If the citizen pays for health care in one way or another, ie. taxes, insurance premiums, then why should the state government be allowed to dictate if the state will have only not for profit hospitals or for profit hospitals? Why can there not be both types of services in a community so the people who pay for health care vcan actually choice where and what type of services they want.
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