Profiling of Street Crime in Philippines

Topics: Crime, Cagayan de Oro City, Victim Pages: 4 (1707 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Chapter 1
The Problem


Street crime is - criminal activity that happens in a public place usually in a town or city, for example stealing people's personal possessions or snatching, vandalisms, theft, physical injury and extortion. Street Crimes are usually committed in outdoors and it can be happen in strange or to an unfamiliar places. It can even take place to your own community. Street Crimes can be done in many different forms such as pick-pocketing, bag, necklaces, earrings and gadget snatching, car theft, motorcycle theft and even hit and run and many other related criminal acts that takes place within a street. ( These Street crimes are very wide spread in the area of responsibility in of DV-Soria, police community precinct 01. Criminals usually choose to commit these crimes in a specific places and specific times to attack their victims. Does the street crime only exist in the night time? Or, does the street crime is rampant in day time? Who are the usual victims of street crimes? Male or Female ? Young or adults ? These questions will be answered by means of this study. Actually, the researcher was a victim of this street crime. Way back then, when he was in high school his class schedule ends at night time and he could still remember the time when he was walking alone along the Velez St. heading home to Capt. Vicente Roa St., there was a group of people who blocked his way and threatened him while asking a big amount of money, but he have nothing to do but to give what he has. Being a victim of Street Crimes is not a good experience, at first it could leave a trauma to the victim such as being afraid to walk alone in the evening especially if there is a group of people gathering to a particular area. Everyone could be a victim of Street Crimes especially all of us go out to our houses. The researcher decided...
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