Profile of a Leader: Lady Gaga

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Profile of a Leader:
Lady Gaga

More often than not, society will oppose the thought that Pop Star sensation Lady Gaga, real name Stefani Joanne Germonatta is a positive role model and there for have no leadership qualities. This I can safely testify against. In my personal opinion and with the facts I have gathered, I will outline in this essay a brief history of Lady Gaga, as her past is an extremely important story that clearly highlights why she is the person she is today, her work with politics, her loyal fan base, her brand which her fan base follow (proving she is a leader) and a personal story about myself. My choosing to follow and except Gaga as my leader saved my life.

Lady Gaga was born 29th March 1986 in Queens New York City. Her father was a reasonably successful entrepreneur, maintaining the ownership of his IT company for over fifteen years. With this success he could afford to send Gaga to a Sacred Heart Private School in New York’s upper east Manhattan, where Gaga soon found out it was some of the hardest years of her life as “my fellow students were not very nice to me…I remember them picking me up and throwing me in the trash can” (Lady Gaga 2012, MTV). Gaga was an outcast, and always considered herself different, usually in the way she dressed, spoke or even the style of her hair. She labeled herself eccentric but always explained she was happy that way “I mean yes I was different, that’s just me, that makes me who I am…what makes you, you? Who are you?” (Lady Gaga 2010, Rolling Stone). After leaving high school, Gaga went on to world renowned acting school TISH in NYC, where later she dropped out and pursued her career in music, playing at all the night clubs and bars in New York. She fell into a life style that was all about music, drugs and alcohol. Then it soon just became about drugs and alcohol, but with some help from her father the drugs became a distant memory and it was all about the music again.
Today Gaga is “the 2nd most influential woman in the world’ (Forbes Magazine, 2013). If that isn’t a quality found in a Leader, what is? Her fan base of “Little Monsters” sits at 112,387,027 strong following on Twitter, Facebook and her own social site This group of dedicated fans follow Gaga for a particular set of reasons, and the most common is her noticeable crusade for equality and gay marriage. Her message is clearly carried out in most, if not all her songs, but the stand out tracks that relay a very important vision, a vision that has become apart of the Lady Gaga brand, the vision in which has made her and her music so prominent, so influential and inspiring are as follows; Alejandro- This song is in regards to gays and lesbians serving in the military. She started a campaign called “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” which was soon adapted by the US military and became apart of their Statute Law. The US military now has NO right to ask serving members for any information on their sexual orientation. Born This Way- is a song quite close to the hearts of many, and not just to the GBLT community but also the heterosexual community too. It’s a self-explanatory song simply stating that we are born the way we are, and we should choose to except, respect and love ourselves and others for whom we are. Judas- received a lot of flak from religious leaders because of its so called suggestive lyrics and was labeled blasphemy. The one lyric in this song “I’m just a holy fool…but I’m still in love Judas baby…Jesus is my virtue and Judas is the demon I cling to” (Lady Gaga’s Judas, 2011) was seen to be the talk of the ‘town’. Gaga released a statement explaining what the song was about at a televised conference hosted by the ABC network in the USA saying “Judas is simply about self-betrayal and how we...

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