Proffessional Role Development

Topics: Nursing, Nurse, Nursing board certification Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: April 18, 2013
This essay is based on the role transition of a student nurse to a newly qualified nurse (NQN) and the roles and responsibilities a NQN is faced with in that transition period. In this essay the author will begin by giving a summary of the roles of an NQN and briefly discuss the changeover from student to NQN. The author will then explore Patient Group Directions (PRD’s) and Accountability as the two role choices. These two roles when then be critically analysed by using available literature to explore the core theories, views and concerns of the NQN. The author will address these hypotheses and the significance it has for nurses and the impact on nursing care as a whole. The preliminary stage when a nurse is classed as a NQN is around about a year (Whitehead & Holmes, 2011). In this year the NQN follows a preceptorship programme to help develop the skills of the NQN nurse, make a smooth a progression as possible from student nurse to NQN into the workforce and to build on the understanding of working within a team (DOH, 2011). There are many new roles that a NQN is faced with upon beginning a new job. One of which is drug administration or medicines management. Prior to becoming a NQN all drug administrations are carried out under direct supervision from a mentor or any other qualified nurse (NMC, 2008). As a general rule the majority of trusts require NQN to complete a drug administration booklet that is usually signed off by the practice educator of the ward to deem the NQN competent to administer oral medications (Whitehead & Holmes, 2011). The same type of book is required for the administration of Intravenous medication (IV). A NQN must not administer or countersign IV or oral medications until these competencies have been assessed and approved according to trust policy (NMC, 2008). Delegation is a task that a NQN is faced with and is an important as whatever tasks the NQN delegates it still remains that the delegator ie the NQN remains...
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