Proffessional Bodies

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Professional bodies
There are different benefits that are came across when using different professional bodies, there are for professional bodies BSA, FAST, BCS and ACM. Each one of these has its own benefits for example- BSA & FAST-

Business Software Alliance Is used in a across the world to help educate business an organisation owners and managers when managing software. It was established in 1988 and it is also in place so that it convinces owners of organisations and businesses to purchase legal software instead of using illegal software. The BSA also uses intellectual property rights to also promote the different policies and procedures and acts that are in place so that organisations use legitimate software. It follows public policies for organisations such as copy right protection and cyber security. Federation Against Software Theft was used to promote antipiracy, the organisation changed the way software was classed so that it would be counted as some body’s creation. It was established in 1984 the group believes in educating organisation managers or anyone who uses a computer program. Both of these professional bodies have their own advantages for example these allow subsidised prices on all software. It also helped release patches in case current software has come across any problems or errors with existing software. Also new software can be emailed offering new software to different clients of the software. And the latest viruses can be made aware to the clients of the software. BCS & ACM-

British computing society is used in the IT industry, it is known as a registered charity that’s purpose is used to permute the education of IT. It was formed in 1957 and has members worldwide, this organisation looks at developing and improving peoples skills across the world. Association for Computing Machinery is used to help strengthen the leadership skills of organisations, it was formed in 1947 to promote the education and studying of it skills so that...
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