Professionalism: Question and Work Place

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Courtney Fuller
. People may look down at an individual for being more professional because that individual is not doing what everyone else is doing. An individual doing what is right in the work place is being a professional. If an individual follows the five keys to be a professional, character, attitude, excellence, competency and conduct, he or she will surpass his or her competitors.

Character is who a person is, he or she know that what he or she is doing is the right thing. An individual who doesn’t take mediocrity, doesn’t look for the easy way out and doesn’t expect that his or her job will be easy is just the beginning. When an office is looking to higher an individual they look for integrity, and responsibility. These are some question an individual can ask themselves when looking to see if he or she has integrity. “Do you do what you say you’re going to do? Can you be trusted with confidential information? Are your expense reports truthful and reasonable? Employers want someone who can honestly answer questions like these with a resounding, “Yes.”” (

Attitude and conduct would go great together because they have similar meanings, attitude; how an individual look and handles problems, and conduct; how an individual holds himself or herself together in the work place. A professional always has a friendly and welcoming aura about them, making others feel comfortable to come ask for help. Conduct is wrapped into an individual’s attitude because he or she “acknowledge people right away” (Professionalism is for Everyone, The Goals Institute, page 63). He or she shows everyone the respect that they deserve. A professional doesn’t believe that he or she is better than the individual that they are helping, or with his or her coworker. Attitudes to have in a work place are “enthusiastic, and efficiency”...

Cited: Professionalism is for Everyone, The GOALS Institute, 2013
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