Professionalism: Employment and Certain Jobs

Topics: Employment, Learning, Skill Pages: 2 (323 words) Published: November 22, 2005
As an employer there are many attributes accompanied with professionalism that I would look for in potential employees. I would look for Skill, Experience, Communication Skills, Initiative, Ethics, and Qualification. These Traits are vital in an employee's ability to function on the job. Each has its own purpose and meaning, which can be found in the proceeding paper.

Skill: These are required to perform the task at hand, without the skills for the job the employee is ineffective and useless in the work environment. No one is born with skills, skills are learned- and must be learned, for the most part, before attempting certain jobs (however some skills must be learned by on the job training).

Experience: This is very valuable; with the right experiences the employee can learn from his past efforts and not have the need for certain training. This also allows them to think ahead of time and save time and effort.

Communication Skill: The ability to get across to the customer in an educated and comforting manner comes across as a higher-level business. This is a very useful skill to have and can take an employee far in his respected work field.

Initiative: The employee must want to be there, and can follow through with task with minimal interruptions. This quality moves production pace along and also encourages other employees to keep working.

Ethics: The employee must know right from wrong and good from bad in the workplace. Without this there is a higher chance of accidents and injuries. It can also increase production.

Qualification: The employee must have the right certifications and schooling for the field of work they will be going into. This not only gives them the basic skills needed to perform the job but also gives them some experience within that work environment.

In Conclusion, True professionalism embodies all of the following and is key to effectively performing certain jobs and tasks.
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