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ENGL 227 (Professional Writing) Complete Course – DeVry

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Week 1 Assignment Scenario:
You are an upper-level manager in a large metropolitan hotel. One of your assistant managers, Jeff Clarke, has left you a voicemail message requesting emergency leave for the upcoming holiday weekend. Here’s what the message stated: I’m calling to request emergency leave again for this weekend. I know I’ve had three emergency leaves in the last two months, but my grandma isn’t feeling well again, and she really needs me to take care of her. I’ll be in later tonight for my shift. Can you let me know then? Thanks. You know from previous requests for time off that Jeff’s grandmother is coping with a debilitating illness. Your other assistant manager, Nina Hernandez, has covered for Jeff three times in the last two months.  She has been looking forward to having this weekend off, as she is going out of town to celebrate her grandson’s first birthday. You are already on the schedule this weekend, and if you allow Jeff’s emergency leave, you’ll be short-staffed. To make matters worse, there’s a professional conference this weekend for electrical engineers at a nearby convention center, and many of the attendees will be staying at your hotel. This is the first time the convention… Audience Profile 3 Pages

Week 2 Assignment Chronological Resume
This week’s written assignment is about resume development and critique. Write a Chronological Resume using the format located in Figure 18.5 (page 534) in the text. Week 3 Assignment Three-Step Writing Process:

This is an outline of the three-step writing process, which should apply to your analysis of a case study. Answer the case questions related to each step directly on this form.  For the three-step process questions, you may use short phrases and sentences for your answers. Then add a page break, and write your response as directed in the case study and save the document as one file. 1. I.    Plan

2. Analyze the Situation
A. What is your general purpose? The general purpose is to inform consumers that Carter’s, which is among the companies that switched to tagless labels, is aware of complaints related to skin irritation allegedly due to tagless labels. Thus, the company would like to alert customers of potential irritation on children with sensitive skin. B. What is your specific purpose? The specific purposes include, to inform: (1) consumers that only specific items manufactured during fall of 2007 will be affected, (2) that of the… Week 4 Group Project Informal Analytical Report 5 Pages-Single Space Your team is to write a brief informal report (approx. 2 single-spaced pages, 500-750 words, plus references) on the background of the company you have chosen to solicit with your sales letter. Do NOT write solely about the background of your targeted company but also focus on why you think this company could benefit from Kelly Services. The report should be directed to people who write sales letters (typically marketing).  When the team has completed the report, one person from each team is to submit the agreed upon informal report to the Dropbox. Additionally, each team member is to submit the team participation memo….. As a billion dollar food and beverage company, PepsiCo Inc. boasts of huge product lines ranging from bottled drinks to chips to healthy snacks that provide suitable and pleasurable nourishment to consumers worldwide.  With its commitment to provide healthy food options to consumers, PepsiCo also gives importance to sustainable growth through its Performance with Purpose program as it looks for ways to reduce environmental impact through energy and water consumption and packaging...
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