Professional Workplace Dilemma Paper

Topics: Employment, Thing, General manager Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: November 19, 2008
The ethical issue experienced at my workplace involved the general manager that I was working under. He was suddenly fired from my workplace without the hint of do anything wrong. The numbers, from the location we were running, were the best they had ever been and every employee at that location enjoyed working for him and me. Suddenly, I received a phone call on a Monday morning from him asking me what happened. I had closed the store the previous night and he was asking me what I knew. I could tell he was angry at me but I did not know for what reason. I took it upon myself to try to find out. I was the assistant general manager of the restaurant while he was the general manger. He was training me so I could be sent to the general manager training the restaurant had in place for advancing employees. The thing that he and I did not know was he was training me to take his job. Once I ended the phone call, I took it upon myself to find some answers. The answers that I discovered were not for any good reason. My manager was fired for nothing more than the district manager had a problem with him. As soon as I asked the district manager, he told me not to worry about anything because the store was soon to be mine. This may sound like a great thing for most people but here was my issue. I firmly believe that I needed to stand up for what is right and that did not involve me being given a job. I had worked hard enough to deserve the promotion but I had developed a relationship with my superior that was on a special level beyond work, I could take his job. I decided to leave the job because I did not feel that I could work in an environment where there was absolutely zero job security. Being trained by my boss, I had the same tendencies for doing the same wrong things he was fired for. We both felt that our responsibility was to provide the customer with the best performance that we deliver and the store was more about what corporate thought was best for them. The...
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