Professional Workplace Dilemma Paper

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Professional Workplace Dilemma Paper
Alicia Huff
GEN 480
June 19, 2012
Alexander Dunham

Professional Workplace Dilemma Paper
Although everyone experiences a dilemma in the workplace at least once in their life, the most important aspect of the dilemma is to learn from it and gain some knowledge and wisdom that can be used the next time you are faced with dilemma within the workplace. Furthermore, while experiencing these dilemmas in the workplace we have to ensure that it is not a repeat deal. Meaning that you are a confrontational person and always have issues with other employees, because you gossip too much or your just plain old not doing your job and causing other people to get in trouble because they have to pick up your slack.

Or maybe there is a fellow employee who is looking to get a promotion as a manager soon. Currently he or she is doing some shift leading from time to time. However, you notice that sometimes while he or she is shift leading he or she takes advantage of the little bit of authority that they have been granted for his or her eight hour shift. Now you have brought the change in the shift leader’s attitude to the attention of your managers. You have explained that there is a little abuse of authority with, yelling, name calling, snatching things from other employees hands, not giving lunch breaks, gossiping about other employees to their employee friends who happen to work there, and so forth. The managers state that they will look into it and handle it, not to worry. This is where it all begins.

I worked for Lowes Home Improvement Store for about a year. I enjoyed working there. I liked working with the public, making customers happy, giving them my input on their home improvement needs and them actually taking my advice. It made me feel really good. Some customers were so happy with some of my suggestions and advice, they would bring me pictures of the new changes that they had made to their home on the account of me telling them how to decorate their living room, garden, or kitchen cabinets. It was a great place to work.

Because of my ambitious attitude towards my job, and my noticeable work ethic, because I too wanted to advance and work my way up the chain of management, the shift leader with the attitude decides that she wants to make me her target. I noticed that on the shifts I worked with her, I would miss my lunch break and there were complaints about me being late, which were not true. She was taking away my lunch breaks on purpose and pretending like she forgot, although I would remind her. One evening we had an argument because of some trash that needed to be cleaned. But there was lack of communication her part, on purpose, so I could get yelled at.

At Lowes, at the end of each night, the return desk at the front of the store has to be cleaned. Some of the items that are returned have to be placed back on the shelves or taken to the back of the store to be written off as damaged merchandise. Moreover, she and I spoke with some of loaders that work in the store to carry or transport heavy merchandise. We spoke to the loaders about moving the heavy merchandise to the back of the store. They agreed to move the merchandise because it was too heavy for me to move. Once everyone was in the back of the store in the break room to clock out, she yelled at me in front of all the other employees that were still at work about the heavy merchandise that was supposed to be moved to the back of the store by the loaders for a damage write off.

I told her that the loaders were supposed to move it and she agreed to have them move it. She acted as if she and I never had that conversation with the loaders. Her attitude became very aggressive as she embarrassed me in front of the other employees. I told her that her attitude was inappropriate and that she should not speak to me that way. In addition, I told her that if she had any issues with me or...
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