Professional Sports Is Becoming Too Commercial These Days

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Professional sport is too commercial now a days
Amateur sports differs from professional sports in the sense that in the latter people are being paid for doing their job and in the former case they just take it for the personal benefit or like a sort of relaxation or may be to enjoy.
Important thing seems is money in the professional arena. Some sports especially like cricket , football, tennis involve huge money and this attracts people to get into these fields mostly. People do exercise hard and develop their skill in order to get into this field.
Once people get famous in these fields they are called upon to advertise the products. They often have their sponsors who provide them with the quality equipment. It also provides a possibility to learn much about sports. Nevertheless matters connected with money become problematic for the professional sportsmen some day or the other day.
Some people say that sport should not be too commercial. They claim it is contradictory to the basic idea of sport, which says that sport should compete for the sake of personal development and sheer joy. But in this generation I would say that we need to be commercial in order to survive but being too commercial is not good. For example : Today for many professional sportsmen sport means nothing more than money. In the consequence it so happens that they prefer to lose to earn more than win and earn less , this is what is being called to be too commercial.
Another important thing seems to attract is fame . when once a sportsmen becomes famous he or she will be considered to be authorities in their contemporary country. People from their country especially adore them. It is sometimes problematic as well.
A well known person has less privacy. It can be disturbing as well . For example take sania mirza’s marriage situation. It was almost shown in all the television channels. It obviously would have disturbed her and her family a lot . A similar situation happened in a normal

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