Professional Resources

Topics: Education, Learning, Teacher Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Professional Resources
Module 1
Ellen Brown
December 16, 2012
Grand Canyon University
Educational Psychology EDU-313N
Instructor- Ellen Hilt

Resources are very important tools to have in the educational field. Being equipped with a wide variety of resources, educators are better qualified to serve the different learning types they will encounter as they teach their students, as well as keep the lesson exciting and interesting as the lessons are going forth. In this paper I will give examples of professional resources that I have seen used by educators, a school district, and personal experience.

As an employee of Compton Unified School District in Compton, California I have worked at all levels of public schooling. I have worked in the special education field for eleven years, and I have seen many resources used in the classroom. I until recently worked at a middle where I rotated two of the three special day classes there. The children in the classes are not performing on grade level, so there are specific resources that are used in these classes. One of the resources that are used in the classroom is a program from Scholastic named System 44. System 44 is a reading program that is used in the special education classes in Compton Unified School District. It consist of forty four pre reading books that starts with site words, then builds the students vocabulary as it introduces new words. The program also has computer programs that test the students to see what they have learned from the books. It also includes decodable books, a work book, comprehension sheets, phonics flip chart, and lessons on the computer that teaches students the proper pronunciation of letters and words.

Another program that is used by Compton Unified School District is a program name Learning Upgrade. Learning Upgrade are online courses for reading and math that features songs, videos, and games to...

References: Learning Upgrade Online Courses for Reading And Math. (2012) Retrieved 12/15/2012 from
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