Professional Project Part A1

Topics: Personality psychology, Learning styles, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Pages: 6 (2047 words) Published: December 30, 2012
CLASS: AY2012/2013Group: (B) T8
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1.1 introduction
Learning is the process of understanding knowledge in different form such as visual, written, verbal and implementation of an act. Learning is also important to the development of people in different stages to be competitive in this fast growing business environment. On the focus, for individuals to identify their competiveness he/she should understand their strengths and weakness to develop a brighter future career path. In section A, different types of learning styles will be introduced to discover the learning style which suits a person the most enable to have effective learning attitude. These learning styles include VARK, MBTI, Belbin and Honey and Mumford will be conducted throughout the project to analysis and synthesis the different types of learning preference. These four tests are useful for me to understand my learning style, personality and team role. In addition, by completing these tests it enables me to know more about my strengths and weakness to utilize them practically. With the classification of personality it would be easier to plan a future ahead which suits the career development.

What is VARK
VARK (2012) states that “VARK is a questionnaire that provides users with a profile of their learning preferences. These preferences are about the ways that they want to take-in and give-out information.” The VARK Questionnaire is a tool to helps individuals understanding their preferable learning styles for information processing and transform into study strategies (VARK 2012). My VARK result and evaluation

My strongest preference learning style is kinesthetic I scored 9 which means I m a person who loves to explore and understand things by playing around and I like to take action to exploratory by default.I agree that I m a person who like to explore and learn a lot of new things by taking action.For example, when I go hiking with my friends I would always try to way into path which are not shown in the map but seen on the hike to discover new way.I also do not feel bad if the outcomes of the action is not up to expectations because I like to learn from mistakes. My second preferred learning style is Read/Write which means the learning style centers around reading and referencing, and possibly writing and noting down the knowledge gathered. I partly agree with this because I do not like to read books and write down notes.Such as I would not read the books about my interest which is playing soccer and also my studies I rather choose to watch videos and movies on the internet.And maybe due to my personality I m a very enegertic person I think sitting still and reading a book is boring. For visual learning I have score 2 which is quite low in comparison of other styles .it means I do not prefer to learn by seeing and memorizing the visual aspects.i do not agree with this because I like to learn a lot of body movement and other real life activities by watching how others do. I would always like to watch a lot of comedy movie instead of read joke books because its more lively to watch a real life example on the screen. For Aural I score only 1 which is the lowest for all.Aural refers to learning is by listening, remembering and accurately following instructions. I do not agree with this because I like to talk to other about themselves and learn by their experience.For example, I always talk to my elder cousin to tell me how to choose a career because he is a logistic manager. He tells me how to communicate with others and way to be a smart employee and after talking to him I apply those tips at work effectively.

.3.1 What is Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Personality Preference Questionnaire? It is a model that“provides a free online 7-page report, with up to 300 pages of optional extra reports and materials. These include in-depth analyses of your career options...
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