Professional Issues in Computing

Topics: Law, Data Protection Act 1998, Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Pages: 4 (1126 words) Published: December 30, 2011
Learning Outcome 1: Understand the impact of National and Global legislation involved in computing and information systems development. Computers and their uses have become pervasive in today's society with new uses occurring on almost a daily basis. In general this use is beneficial; however, as with all technology, computers may be put to the wrong use. In order to safeguard computer users in the UK there are different types of legislation covering the many uses or misuses of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Following is the current legislation in computing:

1.1)Computer Misuse Act 1990
1.2)Consumer Protection Act 1987
1.3)Data Protection Act 1998
1.4)Disability Discrimination Act 1995
1.5)Freedom of Information Act 2002
1.6)Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
1.7)Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988


1.1Computer Misuse Act
The Computer Misuse Act 1990 was designed to clarify UK law with regards to the intentional malicious use of computers. Many critics of the bill argue that malicious intention can't be readily established or proved. This view is cited because of the case that gave rise to the bill where what the defendants did, could not be classified as "computer crime" but rather as "inappropriate behaviour". The UK Computer Misuse Act 1990 has acted as a blueprint for other countries when designing new laws concerned with computer crime. Reference: 1.2Consumer Protection Act

The Consumer Protection Act 1987 is designed to protect consumers and give them rights when buying goods and services, eg manufacturers are legally obliged to put certain information on products, such as health and safety messages on cigarettes. The act covers a range of issues including fraud, unfair business practice, product liability and many other consumer and business activities. As well as being bound by domestic...
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