Professional Dynamics

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Professional Development of Nursing ProfessionalsThe Institute of Medicine report was done by a committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and released on October 5, 2010. After two years of research to better understand the consequences for nursing and the expected changes in healthcare, the report outlines the future of healthcare in the United States. It points out that nurses are going to have a critical role in that future by producing safe, quality care and coverage for all patients in our health care system. The Institute of Medicine report discussed proposals regarding” The Future of Nursing, Leading Change and Advanced Health in the United States. ("The Forum of State Nursing Workforce Centers," 2010) The Institute of Medicine report will have a significant impact nursing education, the nursing practice and the nurse’s leadership role. In the Institute of Medicine report four vital messages were established by the committee. (1) Nurses are obligated to perform their nursing skills to the fullest extent of their education and training. (2) Nurses should pursue furthering there education and skills to advanced levels. (3) Nurses should be part of the medical team alongside the physician and other health care professionals. . (4) Nurses should be a part of an operative workforce in planning, policy making, and assist with data collection and information organization. ("Advising the nation/ Improving health," 2010)The impact of the IOM report on nursing education consists of the requirements placed on nurses to have complex levels of education in order to serve in the fluctuating nursing industry. The Institute of Medicine report recommends that the proportion of nurses with a baccalaureate degree increase from 50% to 80% by 2020 (Institute of Medicine, 2011). The IOM report urges that nurses engage in constant knowledge to progress in the skills needed to provide care for diverse populations. In the current healthcare setting, requirements...

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