Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan
Maritza Maezze
Lee Huffman
Professional Development Plan
According to the self-assessment each member in group A took, the team is formed by individuals who in the majority possess Cautious Style characteristics and are influenced by the recessive styles of Steadiness and Interactive. As a whole the team can be defined as a goal or task oriented group whose members are very organized, prefer precision and accuracy when setting up goals for themselves and/or company. In order to be effective within our team, each member will be further analyzed and assigned to a job according to their characteristics which should help lead the group as a whole to reach or exceed expectations. Although there is no specific set of characteristics that makes a leader successful, it is the interpretation and approach of those same characteristics or skills that are used in various situations to effectively drive results. George Acosta (Ds)

As a predominantly Dominant individual, Jorge Acosta, is an extremely efficient and dependable person. Jorge’s personality will best describe him as dependable team player who challenges himself by accomplishing bigger and better goals as he achieves them through efficiency and dependability. With his extroverted, enthusiastic and highly persuasive personality, Jorge can impact people to behave a certain way, in other words, he can stimulate people to perform their job at a higher standard to achieve or exceed their predisposed set of goals. As part of the team, Jorge will be able to teach and lead others to articulate a far-reaching goal and translate high performance expectations. Tyrone Jordan (Ci)

Tyrone Jordan, who is a very outgoing, visionary, and argumentative individual who possesses a smaller amount of tolerance for incompetence. He will be best described as a charismatic individual who is known for following structure and does not do well with unpredictability. As well as...
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