Professional Development Plan

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This assignment describes my own Professional Development Plan (PDP) for the first six months of my nurse registration. Following a PDP will show my commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD), otherwise known as PREP (CPD). PREP stands for Post-Registration Education and Practice and is a set of Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) standards and guidance that help nurses give the best possible care (NMC PREP Handbook 2006 p3); part of which is a commitment to CPD. CPD is a process of learning activities designed for individuals to reach their full potential, so they provide the highest possible standards of patients care (NMC PREP Handbook 2006 p9). By following a PDP I will develop my knowledge, understanding and skills in a structured way so that I can apply them with confidence in my future nursing practice.

As a final year student nurse I am aware that after qualification I will still have much to learn about my profession. According to Smith & Bickford (2004 p174) professional development of a nurse is a structured approach with planned opportunities for learning. This approach enables the nurse to identify gaps in their knowledge, and in turn expand their knowledge through regular education and training for safer practice. The UKCC (2001 p43) document fitness for practice and purpose states that entrants into nursing must be prepared for life long learning and continual professional development as their career takes on an ever changing world.

Chosen Area
For my professional development skill I have chosen to focus on ‘Intravenous Drug Administration’. I chose this because Intravenous (IV) therapy is commonly used in the nursing profession (Hyde 2002 p42) According to the Anonymised NHS Trust (2007-2008 p7) most patients who are admitted to hospital receive IV Therapy at some stage of their treatment, especially in acute nursing care (Workman 2000). Nurses play an important role in the delivery of IV therapy, so...
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