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Palm Beach Atlantic University|
Consultation Report|
Taverna Opa|
By Herald Meleqi|

The document deals with the leadership issue of the restaurant owner Lirim Jacobi who runs Taverna Opa in CityPlace. In the preceding paper it will be discussed how part of his leadership practices hamper the business success and what needs to be changed to be more successful.|

Table Of Contents
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I. Introduction| 2|
II. Statement of Problem| 4|
III. Why the Problem Exists| 5|
IV. Methodology| 7|
V. Recommendation| 12|
VI. Conclusion| 15|
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I Introduction
The success of a business relies heavily on the owner and his or her management style. From overall moral of the company and its employees to making sure the basic necessities are in stock, management plays a vital role in the outcome of any business. In the following report I wish to present and assess one of the major issues facing Taverna Opa as a result of poor marketing controlled directly by the owner, Lirim Jacobi.

Taverna Opa, a Greek themed restaurant and nightclub, opened its doors in the Fall of 2008. Over the past few years, the restaurant industry has taken a dive due to many different factors including a poor marketing strategy on the part of the owner . The purpose of this study is to show how the owner’s lack of informed leadership in regards to marketing has hindered the restaurant’s revuenue and then to asses new methods that will generate higher sales for the restaurant at a cost effective price; making both the owner and the employees happy. Targeting the right audience is a major component in today’s market. Conditions in an area have a significant impact on how successful any business will be. Since the strength of your local market can directly affect the profitability of your store, it is important to study the current economic status with an industrial analysis .

According to, retail spending is up 3.1% since January of this year. In addition, analysts have found a direct relationship between retail spending and restaurant revenue. Eating and drinking establishments sales totaled $39.8 billion in October, an increase of .3%. Taverna Opa, being located in the heart of CityPlace, can greatly benefit from its location. With stores like Macys right down the street, the restaurant has the opportunity to attract retail store customers for lunch or dinner.

II. Statement of Problem
Mr. Jacobi took over control of the marketing sector in 2010; shortly after profits began to fall. With his new marketing strategy Lirim Jacobi changed the cliental which directly affected revenue. Additionally, this leadership position gives rise to a series of other issues in regards the employees’ attitude at the workplace and also the effectiveness of business practice. With a change in cliental since Mr. Jacobi has taken over advertising, many employees find working conditions have drastically changed. Specifically in regards to their income now verses four years ago. Since Mr. Jacobi has basically taken sole control over areas which he lacks experience the restaurant has suffered. There is a high turnover in not only staff but with management as well. An effective manager must be able to communicate and work well with others for the overall sake of the company. With his micromanagement style in many employees are quickly turned off. Those shortcomings will be identified and discussed in the situational analysis of this paper.

III. Why the Problem Exists
The central point why Lirim Jacobi and his restaurant is less successful than they could be is that Mr. Jacobi sees leadership as a title and not as a continuing learning process. He is not a team player and micro manages his business. Mr. Jacobi has repeated the same mistakes over and over again; each time at Taverna Opa’s expense. As a result of this attitude many issues within the company have...

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