Professional Competency Issues

Topics: Incompetence, Competence, Skill Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: September 22, 2010
Running Head: Professional Competence Issues Discussion Paper

Professional Competence Issues Discussion Paper
Wendy Dudeck
Grand Canyon University
Dr. Lottie G. Olson-Davidson

In preparing to respond to the board complaint I would compile all the information and records pertaining to the case that showed I made a competent assessment of Janet’s presenting symptoms. I would also provide documentation to prove that informed her that I was a general therapist with the ability to treat patients with a broad range of issues, but did not specialize in any one area. I would also compile all documented instances of research conducted and sessions of consultation with supervisors to ensure I was providing Janet with competent effective service. It appears evident by the complaint that Janet did not feel that I was competent to diagnosis and treat her problem. In the future, there are a number of things I would do to avoid the reoccurrence of such an issue. The first steps I would take to ensure I am and remain a competent counselor are to make sure I actively maintain my skills, continue to expand my education into other areas and keep abreast of emerging techniques, technologies and evolving areas of practice. As noted by Dolgoff et. al pp 324 (2011), “We are called upon to devote the entire span of our careers to developing, maintaining, and enhancing our competence.” I would also take care to ensure I conducted a quality assessment, evaluated my own training and experience level and seek consultation prior to moving forward with a case in which I question my ability to provide competent service. If as a beginning counselor I were to refer all clients who presented with problems I felt were too difficult for me to address, I would not end up with many clients or gain the experience I needed to remain a competent counselor. Lastly I would not push the limits of my professional abilities by taking on a client presenting with problems outside the realm...

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