Professional Behavior: Medical Field

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Professional Behavior in Medical Field

As a healthcare professional, a main goal in patient care is to inspire confidence in the patient in a professional manner. Since conveying professionalism in any workplace encompasses the way people communicate, one of the first ways healthcare professionals can inspire confidence in patients is by the way they look. Healthcare professionals can appear professional by removing any body jewelry located on body parts other than the ears and by covering any tattoos that may be visible to both patients and coworkers. Also, since patients may be sensitive or allergic to certain fragrances, healthcare professionals should refrain from using perfume, cologne, or any other substance that may emit a scent.

Furthermore, besides a neat, clean, and professional appearance, healthcare professionals should also be in control of personal habits. To be specific, healthcare employees that smoke should refrain from smoking while on the job, not only because the smell that is associated with smoking can be unpleasant, but more so because the chemical involved in cigarette smoking can contaminate wounds and therefore be dangerous to a patient’s health. In addition to smoking, healthcare professionals must be cautious as to what they do on social media networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Many people in this day and age are social media junkies that are obsessed with checking social media sites and posting things to such sites. As professionals, however, healthcare employees must realize that sharing sensitive or personal information about patients online may not only be disrespectful or condescending, but also a breach of that patient’s confidentiality.

Probably some of the most important behaviors for healthcare professionals that inspire confidence in patients include displaying honesty and integrity, showing respect for a patient’s dignity and rights, maintaining a professional demeanor, and recognizing...
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